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A Day In The Life Of Me

From the outside looking in my life is easy. I take the kids to school, do not work, run errands, run to doctors appointments, clean my house, go to school, take care of my family, pick the kids up and finish off my day. Simple right? Looks can be deceiving though. My day to day life is a draining nightmare that I need to now erase and write into a dream. Is that even possible at this point in life? Well, of course. Will it be anything easy? No. When I wake up for my morning I feel like I have not slept in days. Why, because I do not get the proper REM sleep. I know what I need to get done to get the kids off to school but my brain starts its tricks first thing. “Oh look you’re awake. Wait, you’re tired again. Let’s drag your day out for you.” You manage to get the children ready for school and out the door. You are already overly exhausted though. Now I know there are several things I need to accomplish today. Some days I make lists to remember everything, most days I am convinced I c…

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