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Whiffbox by April

Where are all my Scentsy lovers at? Well boy do I have to tell you about what Scentsy Consultant is doing with her business. It is called Whiffbox. I just got mine for August and it is beach/pineapple themed. I was so excited to get the box. It was like Christmas morning. I mean I knew what Scentsy was before but this?! This is amazing. There is something for every person out there. These boxes come in different prices ranges of $10, $15, $20, $30, $40 and $50. Shipping for all boxes is $4. This is something special to April and I think it is a great idea. When I opened my box I knew it was good just by then scents coming from the box. I couldn’t wait to see what I had got. I got a room spray, melts and a car air freshener. There was also a Tikki cup, bad with a pineapple on it, and a lanyard. I wish I would have known about this box a long time ago. It is pure genius and very affordable. It smells like summer time in my house and it is wonderful. April has made this box and it is perfec…

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